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Our Mission

To create positive change within the San Diego community by supporting non-profit organizations that promote healing and education for underprivileged, critically-ill, abused women and children


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Thank you to our Event Donors!

Heels2Heal would like to recognize and give a special thank you to our 2013 Event Donors for their generous support and contribution!

2013 Raise The Paddle Donors

Fernando Aguerre
Stephanie Argyros
Peter & Marla Ariza
Ommid Asbaghi
John and Maria Assaraf
Dolly Bakshai
Joy Becker
Eric & Valentina Benson
Jawad & Jen Bisharat
Reed & Nahieli Caldwell
Lisa Cassidy
Xi Marie Chen
Giuseppe & Salem Ciuffa
Melinda Clausen
Roberto Degregorio
Maryam Famourzadeh
Mike & Erica Farley
Thomas Forsyth
Hany Girgis
Robert & Jennifer Gramins
Danielle & Joe Gregorio
Ana Hernandez
Mark & Sarah Hunt
Hal & Debby Jacobs
Genta Luddy
Andre Lusti
Doron and Ursula Malka
Matthias Mueller
Tim & Moe Mulcahy
Jennifer Phillips
Ramin Pourteymour
Matthew Rall
Tom & Jen Ranglas
Nathalie Riis
Susanne Rohrbaugh
Alex & Laleh Roudi
Eric Vanderhye & Chantal Ruiz
David & Miriam Smotrich
Fernanda Whitworth
Nicholas Yates