6 Care for Children in Cold Season

6 Care for Children in Cold Season

In winter, cold, humid and erratic rain are factors that are not good for your baby’s health. Winter is the season when children are susceptible to diseases such as colds, pneumonia … especially young children 

6 notes to care for the child

Keep the body warm

1. Winter weather is cold, so in order to protect the health of your baby, the most important thing is to keep warm, especially feet, chest, neck and head, away from the wind. At night the temperature drops, keeping the baby becomes even more important, needing to wear many clothes to keep the baby warm.

2. Do not incubate your baby too carefully, sweat will seep back into the body, causing the baby to be cold and lead to pneumonia. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the baby is sweating or not to promptly dry or change the inner shirt for the baby.

3. It is advisable to check and change diapers often to prevent the baby’s body from getting cold because the diaper is wet for too long.

4. In the baby’s room should maintain the temperature 25-28 degrees C, airy but avoid drafts. It is possible to use air conditioners, heaters, and heaters, but absolutely do not use coal stoves because CO2 can cause poisoning and suffocation for children and people around.

Body hygiene

In winter, mothers are afraid of their babies being cold, so they often limit bathing babies. However, this is not an effective way to protect the baby, even a common and to blame mistake.

1. For babies up to 1 week old, daily bathing is very necessary, because at this time, the baby’s body still has a lot of substances, if not clean, the baby will easily plug the pores, causing inflammation.

2. When bathing your baby, pay attention to close the door of the room, avoid placing the bath tub in a windy place, if you use an air conditioner or a heating fan, you should turn on about 15 minutes before to warm up the room.

3. The temperature of the water to bathe the baby is the same as the body temperature (36-37 degrees C). For children over 10 days old and on, it is not necessary to bathe every day, it can be kept every 2-3 days. Bath time for the baby does not exceed 10 minutes.

4. An important rule when bathing children when it gets cold is to bathe from bottom to top. You wash the baby’s feet first, then bathe gradually upwards. Wash your baby’s hair quickly after bathing to avoid getting cold when it’s wet.

In addition, there is a secret that parents should bathe first and then baby because when you shower, warm steam will remain in the room, making the bathroom air warm. You can also add a little tea tree oil to the water to make the bath warm.

Let the children go outdoors to exercise properly

During the winter, most of the day, children stay mostly in closed rooms. A few days without going out Staying in a room for a long time will make your child more susceptible to illness. Children need to be active outdoors to increase their adaptability to the weather, increase resistance, and prevent many infectious diseases. For children under 5 years old, need to go outside to sunbathe daily in the morning to absorb vitamin D, to prevent rickets.

The ideal time for mothers to let their babies go out to receive the sun in winter is around 8am – 9:30 am. However, when letting children play outdoors, be careful to wear warm enough clothes, but still airy so that when the child sweats, it is not too hot, regularly check the back sweat to change clothes for children. Note that children should be limited to crowded places, avoid contact with infected people, stay away from sources of pollution such as dust, cigarette smoke …

Sleep care

Young children often kick the blanket, open legs, open stomach … This will cause the baby to have a cold stomach leading to cough, pneumonia, stomach pain or digestive disorders … However, no father, Any mother who can stay up all night pulls a shirt, covers the baby’s belly … So, before going to bed, the child should wear a jumpsuit or cover

the baby with a blanket and socks to prevent the baby from getting sick. cold infection.

For babies, the head is the place that generates about 40% of the body temperature, but at the same time it releases up to 85% of the body temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a cap and use a tampon for newborn babies (especially premature babies), but for healthy babies who are several months old, wearing a hat when sleeping is not necessary. On the contrary, the temperature of the baby’s head will rise, which negatively affects brain activity.

Proper nutrition

To increase resistance for babies, mothers need to build menus with food groups rich in calcium and vitamins. Children’s meals must be guaranteed with enough nutrients. A child’s meal should be supplemented with orange juice, fruit, yogurt; fortified with foods containing zinc and selenium – 2 flavors that help improve resistance, stimulate appetite, increase the absorption of nutrients such as beef, oyster milk, soybeans, bean sprouts, squash red, peanuts … For babies, breastfeeding should be exclusively for the first 6 months.

Limit contact with sick children. The infected child must be absent from school and not in contact with other children for at least 7 days. You should also proactively vaccinate your baby to limit seasonal diseases, parents should proactively vaccinate the baby’s diseases such as Rubella, the flu, .. Clean living environment is also a way to limit diseases. caused by viruses, bacteria.

It is not just direct contact with the sick person to have the possibility of getting sick, bacteria exist in intermediate objects such as towels, cups, toys, phones, … So parents need to develop habits. used to wash hands with soap every day, especially after going to school and going out. You need to teach your baby how to wash their hands to ensure their hands are clean and to train them not to suck their hands and not to put toys in their mouths.

The most important thing is that whether it is cold or rainy, everyone needs to have their children vaccinated properly and on time to prevent illness.

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