Can You Put Twins in the Same Bassinet

Can You Put Twins in the Same Bassinet?

Making a baby sleep and bringing a routine to sleep is not a simple task. Every mom lack sleep until their routine of sleep becomes stable. If it is twins, then it becomes a hard task for parents to try a routine to sleep. There are many ways to bring this routine, as parents can also take rest. This is a very common question for the new parents: Can their babies sleep together in the same bassinet? Yes! Mostly in hospitals, the nurses even put the twins in the same bassinet for sleeping.

Many parents think like their twin babies are sharing the womb for so many months, then why can’t they share the bassinet. And most of the parents don’t know that they are caring for twins initially. So they started purchasing everything for a single baby. But once they know they are carrying the twins, again they need to change everything. Most of the parents can’t afford that much money to buy all for their twins. In this article, hopefully, you can understand whether you can put twins in the same bassinet or not.

Initially, parents can make their twins sleep in the same bassinet. Because the twins have their bonding when they are in their mom’s womb. So after a long journey for 10 months in their mom’s womb, suddenly we can’t separate the twins. If the parents allowed their twins to sleep in the same bassinet, they feel more relaxed and the connection between these two will be very good. Buy the best bassinet for twins so that the twins will remain nearby.

Things to consider if twins sleep together

Once the parents place their twins’ sleep together, it a general thing to consult the pediatrician’s advice. We should follow some steps:

How to set up?

We need to think about how to set up the bassinet for your twins. As you all know, the twins sharing their mom’s womb till delivery, and then after delivery, some parents don’t want to separate their twins. So they place both the twins in the same bassinet, so in that case, buy the best bassinet for twins and arrange the bassinet for your twins.

Can You Put Twins in the Same Bassinet

How long can we make the twins sleep together?

This is one of the most common questions in mind for the parents. How long can we make the twins sleep together? Usually, we can make the twins sleep together in the bassinet for six months, no longer than six months. As they grow once they started rolling it is very difficult for both the twins to be in the same bassinet.

In that case, you should have the extra bassinet. As in the sleeping process, if anyone baby is not comfortable in sleeping with the other, then the parents should use the separate bassinet for the twins.

Special Twin Specific Bassinet

Parents have other options as you may even buy the “twin specific” bassinet. Here in this specific bassinet, you can accommodate both the twins in one bassinet with the barrier or railing in the center.

Not all the babies are the same, some do very well, but some babies have some issues so they wake up the other one. So here, the baby can’t go near to the other baby. In this model, you can avoid a few issues.

Wiggly Babies

Although if the parents are allowing the twins to sleep together, we need to check the twins often whether they are having a safe and sound sleep. Because eventually your twin babies wiggle and hit each other when they share a bassinet.

In that case, babies get hurt by each other and they used to cry. As parents, we used to freak out, but for the twins, they are fine because they are practicing this for a while in mom’s womb. As far as they are safe enjoying doing that, parents need not worry.

Space Constraints

It is very important to check the space constraints at your home. Not all the homes are very spacious to put two bassinets in one-bedroom. So the parents may make the twins sleep together in one bassinet. Because the experts advise that the babies need to sleep in the same room with their parents for the first to six months.

Experts Advice

Most of the experts are not allowing to sleep twins in the same bassinet. These experts are against sharing the bassinet and also they are recommending for Safe Infant Sleeping Environment. To avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) they are not recommending that the bassinet sharing for long-term sleeping. Creating a healthy sleeping environment for the little ones is important for parents. This ensures safe sleep for your twins.

Can You Put Twins in the Same Bassinet


Basically, for balancing the sleeping, feeding, and diaper changing schedules of a baby is already a big deal, with two it’s an enormous deal. And you can’t say the twin babies will sleep at the same time. And sometimes if one baby wakes up for nighttime feeding and the other one will wake up automatically.

Parents need to follow a good routine if they have twin babies, making them take bathing, feeding, and diaper changing. Most of the time the parents don’t know why the twins are crying if one started crying for hunger and the other one will start immediately. And sometimes if one baby got sick, it’s a challenge for the parents in taking care of both the sick and the normal baby. Parents need to face a lot of changes with their twins when compared to a single baby.

Parents need to pre-plan if they know that they are going to deliver twins, they can consult the doctor. Most of the hospitals encourage the twins to sleep together, however, heard some cases may not do so. So it is important to know before the labor, to check these things, and make your mindset for that option.

Safety is very important for your buddies, so choose the best twin bassinet for your twins and enjoy the parenting with no tension. Need to be very flexible, as you find what works best for your twins. Hope this article will help you as a guide for happy and perfect parenting. So enjoy parenting. Happy twins! Happy moms!

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