The Foods Are Not Good for Babies

Foods Are Not Good for Babies

Food nutrition for babies is always a problem that many parents care about. However, there are foods that seem to be very good. But in fact these are not good for children’s health.

Parents always wonder what to feed their children and how to eat, which bad foods should be avoided? Join our articles to learn  types of unhealthy foods below!

Milkshake – a sweet, but unhealthy, drink.

When choosing drinks for children, if many parents choose milkshakes for babies instead of using carbonated soft drinks. Thought this would be beneficial for the child’s health. But this was a food as harmful as soda or soda.

Milkshake contains a lot of fat and sugar, drinking regularly will lead to cardiovascular disease. Even for adults, milkshakes are not good foods, not to mention children. Using too much milkshakes causes the body to have an excess of sugar, excess calories, leading to obesity, and worse, the rate of premature puberty in girls. 

Instant cereals: Convenient but contains many dangers

Grains are known to be nutritious, but for sachets, instant cereals that look healthy are potentially loaded with sugar. All beneficial nutrients in corn, barley, … can not be kept completely in the production process to create instant cereals. 

Moreover, there is also an index reflecting the high rate of increase in blood sugar after consuming foodstuffs in instant cereals. Therefore, when choosing a quick breakfast for your baby, you should replace instant cereals with oats, fruit, … to maintain nutrition and have a healthy meal for your baby. 

Fruit candies

Fruit candy is an attractive food for any child, or even for an adult. There are many different types of candies that can be produced domestically or imported. But no one can guarantee that they are safe for children. Most of the ingredients of candy often contain a lot of sugar and food colors. If children eat too much candy, it will lead to a bad sugar excess for children. 

In addition to marshmallows there are also a number of vitamin marshmallows for babies. It is known that vitamin candies have the function of adding vitamins and minerals. But this type of candy also contains a fair amount to ensure the texture of the candy. Parents when using vitamin marshmallows should pay special attention to the composition of the candy to avoid adding too much sugar into the child’s body. 


Honey is known to be a nutrient-dense food and is used to soothe chills. Increase the body’s resistance not only in adults but also especially good for children. However, for children under 12 months old should not use honey. 

Specifically, in honey contains Clostridium botulinum spores – the culprit causing dangerous food poisoning. For adults, when these spores are swallowed, our digestive system has the power to neutralize the pathogen. In contrast, for children under 12 months of age, the digestive system is incomplete. So the spores easily penetrate and release harmful toxins.

Fruit yogurt

Just like shakes, marshmallows, fruit yogurts also have a lot of sugar. In addition it also contains fat and calories that are two ingredients that increase the risk of obesity for children. 

Tips for choosing the right yogurt for your baby. You should carefully read the nutritional ingredients on the label, and choose natural yogurt without sugar. In addition, it is also important not to take yogurt that is not refrigerated.

Canned / bottled juice

Canned / bottled juice is the last name on the list of foods that are not good for children. You can find it convenient. You may be attracted by the eye-catching look, along with the great promotions included in the supermarkets. However, there is a “warehouse ” of sugar in every pre-packaged juice bottle or box. Furthermore, this sugar is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, by passing the carbohydrate metabolism.

So, for the better for the child’s body, you should prepare your own juices or smoothies for your baby. It will not take too much time but you will feel more secure about foods for your baby’s body. 


The colorful stones are cool, but in fact they are “sweet assassins” for children. Pits are the most dangerous because they can easily kill. The agar is slippery, usually produced under a cylinder. When feeding a lot of children or peeling the outer shell and squeezing at the top of the agar. The agar will be pushed out very quickly and strongly. Many children were pushed into their mouth by a piece of jelly quickly, suddenly drifted into the back of the throat. So they choked foreign objects, causing suffocation.

Because agar is soft, it is easy to change shape when it is drifting down the airway. It can grip the airway so it can cause the patient’s death immediately. Not to mention, when using the agar removal tool is also very easy to break. These debris continue to fall deep down the airways, making it difficult for first aid. For prevention, it is best mothers should not feed children under 5 years old jelly

Practicing healthy eating habits from an early age is something any parent should do. We can start by not choosing unhealthy foods for our children. You should explain to your children how well the benefits of healthy eating are for their health!

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