Raising Your Child Vegetarian

Your family has a vegetarian habit and you wonder if vegetarian feeding ensures your child’s nutritional needs? When raising your baby on this diet? What should you pay attention to to keep your baby healthy? You are a mother and a vegetarian. Does cooking for yourself and your whole family in two vegetarian-savory ways make you […]

Handbook for the Care of Babies 4 to 6 Months of Age

In the period from 4 to 6 months old, the baby has many outstanding physical and psychological development comprehensive. Babies begin to have awareness of the world around them and enter a very important new stage of development in reorienting diets and living habits. Therefore, taking care of the baby at this stage requires a lot of attention and investment in […]

Protect Your Baby from a Rash

During the hot summer, the baby’s skin often appears rashes, causing itching and discomfort for the baby. So what measures should be taken to reduce this phenomenon? What is rubella disease? Rubella is a common childhood disease in the summer. It usually appears in skin areas such as forehead, neck, chest, back, and sometimes the whole […]

Notes after Giving Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth for women is a process of great energy consumption. After birth, weak physical strength, weak immunity, just a little mistake can be infected. Close the door without going out, limiting all opportunities to be exposed to dust, germs, viruses … in public places. So it is beneficial for the prevention of pregnant women. Do […]

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