Kinds of Fruits Pregnant Women Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

Kinds of Fruits Pregnant Women Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

Although it is very good for health, you should not ignore the problem that the fruits you should not eat during pregnancy because not all fruits are harmless.

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. As your body changes to fit your baby, it’s important to take care of yourself by following a strict diet that includes fruits, vegetables and micronutrients. What’s more, choosing a healthy diet during pregnancy is not only good for yourself but also positively affects your baby’s health.

Among them, fruit is one of my favorite foods and often has cravings for certain fruits. Therefore, in order to have good health during pregnancy, mothers should have knowledge and information about fruits that mothers should not eat to protect the safety of both mothers and fetuses. So what fruit should pregnant women not eat? If you have any questions, let we find out through the following article.

List of fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Most fruits contain vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body during pregnancy. However, some of them can affect the mother, especially the fetus, such as premature birth, miscarriage. Here is a list of fruits not eaten during pregnancy:

1. Pineapple (pineapple)

Pregnant mothers should not eat a lot of pineapples during pregnancy because they contain more bromelain – an active substance that softens the uterus and can induce labor early.

Pregnant mothers can eat this fruit in moderation, as it will not affect labor and delivery. However, pregnant mothers need to absolutely limit eating pineapple in the first three months, bwowrisex makes you feel tired, morning sickness, leading to a very high risk of miscarriage.

2. Grapes

Whether or not grapes are on the list of questions pregnant women should not eat is still a matter of controversy. Most nutrition experts advise women to limit eating grapes, because the amount of pesticides sprayed on grapes can affect pregnant women and babies in the abdomen.

Furthermore, grapes contain high levels of resveratrol – an antioxidant that can be toxic to pregnant women. However, it’s undeniable that grapes can provide many important nutrients like vitamins A and C during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to handle it thoroughly before eating.

3. Papaya

Many people often wonder whether eating papaya is good for pregnant women during pregnancy?

In some countries like Sri Lanka, Banladesh, India and Pakistan, many women use papaya for abortion.

The reason is that in young or about to ripen papaya, it contains a lot of latex, which can cause uterine contractions, premature birth or miscarriage.

However, ripe papaya is good for pregnant women. Ripe papaya is rich in vitamins , especially vitamin C and other nutrients, that help prevent unpleasant early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn and constipation. In addition, papaya combined with honey and milk is also an extremely nutritious food for pregnant mothers, especially during lactation.

To ensure the best health, pregnant mothers should consult a doctor before eating papaya.

4. Me

Tamarind is very rich in vitamin C and that is one of the main reasons it is on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

The amount of vitamin C found in tamarind exceeds the threshold, can suppress the production of progesterone in your body. This can lead to miscarriage , premature birth, and possibly even lead to cell damage in the fetus. So, consider when pregnant mothers eat tamarind, especially in the first trimester.

5. Banana

Are you surprised that bananas are on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy?

Bananas are commonly known to be very nutrient-dense fruits that can be comparable to meats. But the fact remains that bananas contain high amounts of chitinase, which is the main allergen.

In addition, chitinase is the type of pus that can cause the body to heat up and even cause an allergic reaction to a pregnant mother. This is why you need to avoid consuming bananas during your pregnancy.

6. Watermelon

Watermelon is generally good for the human body as it releases toxins while it regulates hydration. But when you are pregnant it is quite a serious problem, because if you consumed watermelon during pregnancy, your unborn baby could be exposed to various toxins released by watermelon.

Besides, watermelon can also make pregnant mothers catch a cold. So mothers should not eat too much melon during pregnancy to keep both mom and baby healthy.

Kinds of Fruits Pregnant Women Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

7. Sesame

It is recommended that pregnant women avoid consuming sesame seeds of any kind during the first trimester of pregnancy. Sesame seeds are believed to cause uterine contractions in pregnant women. If you eat foods, foods containing sesame will cause discomfort, pain, and even miscarriage. So avoid consuming sesame seeds in all its variations.

8. Dating

Date dates are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, but pregnant women are often advised to avoid consuming dates.

One of the main reasons for dates to be on the list of forbidden fruits during pregnancy is that they cause your body to heat up and may even lead to uterine contractions by stimulating the muscles. your uterus.

Therefore, if pregnant women have cravings for snacks , they should only eat a little if they eat too much, which can lead to dangerous complications during pregnancy.

9. Frozen fruit

Nutritionists encourage pregnant women to use fresh fruit instead of refrigerating it. If these berries have been frozen for a long time, all the original flavors and nutrients are gone and eaten together can be toxic to both you and your baby.

10. Canned fruit

During pregnancy, mothers should avoid consuming all canned foods because they contain a large amount of preservatives. And these preservatives are toxic to both you and your baby. The use of canned foods or fruits can lead to maternal pregnancy complications .

11. Vegetables and fruits have not been washed carefully

For most women in good health, they can eat all kinds of fruit as long as they are carefully washed. Thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables can contain many of the parasites, such as toxoplasma , which can cause dangerous toxoplasmosis in infants . So, pregnant mothers should pay attention to wash fruit and cut off bruises before eating.

A reasonable diet during pregnancy will help ensure the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus in the best way. If during pregnancy, pregnant mother has strange symptoms when using a certain food, you should contact your doctor to get the best advice.

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