Notes after Giving Birth

Notes after Giving Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth for women is a process of great energy consumption. After birth, weak physical strength, weak immunity, just a little mistake can be infected. Close the door without going out, limiting all opportunities to be exposed to dust, germs, viruses … in public places. So it is beneficial for the prevention of pregnant women.

Do not abstain from bathing

After giving birth, women are prone to sweating. Especially when they sleep and when they wake up. They sweat and drench their inner clothes. Due to the sweat glands secreting too much, it is easy to contaminate the skin. In addition to the weak resistance after birth. Bacteria on the skin are easy to multiply, penetrate the skin, leading to dermatitis. Therefore, pregnant women should regularly wash and wipe themselves, making sure the skin is clean.

After a week of giving birth, the inner mouth of the cervix returns to its pre-pregnancy state. And complete restoration of the cervix usually takes about 4 weeks. At birth, if the genitals are damaged, the woman should wait a week to start bathing. Otherwise it will cause inflammation on the top.

Pregnant women should pay attention, should not bathe when hungry, avoid hypoglycemia leading to dizziness, dizziness … Bath time should not be too long, each bath about 5-10 minutes is enough. Should shower in the shower or use a rinse. A room temperature of about 200C is suitable. Bath water temperature of about 340- 360C is the best. If possible, use a non-stimulant disinfectant to disinfect the outside of the genitals after bathing. After showering, dry quickly, get dressed to avoid getting cold.

Women who have an unfavorable delivery, bleeding too much, physically weak, should not bathe early. But should also wipe their body regularly.

Should brush your teeth

Pregnant women need to pay more attention to oral hygiene than normal people. Due to pregnant women, the number of times they eat a lot. The ability of leftovers to remain in the teeth and the teeth is very large. But oral infections are one of the causes of postpartum fever. So many pregnant women not brushing your teeth during the first month after birth is incorrect. Pregnant women should brush their teeth in the morning before going to bed. Brushing your teeth and rinsing after eating are very healthy.

Should avoid wind

When the weather is not too hot, pregnant women often wear long-sleeved clothes, use a scarf to wrap their heads. If nothing happens, they should not go out. This is very essential. Pregnancy and childbirth for a woman is a process of great energy consumption. After birth, weak physical strength, weak immunity, just a little mistake can be infected.
Close the door without going out, limiting any chance of exposure to dust, germs and viruses in public places, as such is beneficial for the prevention of pregnant women. But avoiding the wind should also be appropriate, the new pregnant woman’s room must not be drained. The air circulation is moderate, ensuring fresh air is the most important thing.

Do not have sex too soon

After birth, physiological changes in the mother’s body are quite large. Especially the changes and damage of the genitals after pregnancy and childbirth need to go through a period of time to recover often. When these organs have not been restored, it is absolutely forbidden to have sex with husband and wife. Only after they return to normal can they have sex. For normal delivery, because the whole body and uterus gradually restore the state before pregnancy. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks, so during the postpartum period should not have sex.

Abstain from sexual activity for the period of 8 weeks after giving birth. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the woman’s physical recovery and the damaged gas have gone completely or not. If you feel that your health is not good and the fluids are still there, you should still abstain from sexual activities. Do not be too rushed. You should only have sex after the woman is completely healthy and the organ has returned to normal.

If, after giving birth, the vulva must be sewn and the cervix or during the postpartum period symptoms of infection, fever, bleeding, parts of the genitals such as uterus, vagina, vulva recover relatively slowly, you should abstain from sex.

In general, pregnant women have to use a hormone and have to sew, they should wait for the wound to seal and heal, about 70 days after giving birth to recover sexual relations. For those who have a cesarean section, it’s best to have sex after 3 months. As for those who are sick and infected in the uterus, they should wait until they heal, with abundant resources, so they should have sex.

Do not eat oily, indigestible foods

The body of pregnant women consumes a lot of energy, lies down a lot, has to breastfeed again, at this time, foods containing a lot of fat, sour, and spicy are not easily digested, are also prone to constipation or affect The secretion of milk, or through milk, causes rashes and diarrhea in children. The habit of giving pregnant women a drink of red sugar, eggs, stewed chicken soup, fish soup, and millet porridge … are all very good. If you use an appropriate amount of vegetables and fruits, it is even more beneficial for the health of pregnant women and breastfeeding.

Always keep the genitals clean

Keeping the genitals clean can prevent infection. This is extremely important for pregnant women. Pregnant women produce a lot of sweat, genitals secrete bad gas, so it is necessary to pay attention to clean hygiene. After having a bowel movement, you need to use a clean paper to wipe from front to back. Within 4 weeks after giving birth, do not take a bath. You can use clean water or an antiseptic to wash the external genitals 2 to 3 times a day. Tampons must be changed regularly, always keep the genitals dry and clean.

If detecting a wound on the genitals with signs of infection such as swelling, pain, etc. It is necessary to promptly consult a doctor for treatment, and at the same time use appropriate antibiotics for treatment. Underpants should be changed regularly, clothes should be fitted and soft. When giving birth in the summer, it is necessary to erase the old concept, open the door for ventilation, reduce the temperature against heat. The stitches before removing the thread should be kept clean. Do not disinfect after defecating.

Do not bundle your belly after giving birth

After giving birth, it is very difficult for some pregnant women to join the pants tightly from hips to abdomen. When it was possible to get off the bed and walk. Immediately replace it with tight-fitting pants, hoping to do so could bring the body back to the old days.

Under normal conditions, the reproductive organs in a woman’s pelvic cavity are kept in their normal position by ligaments and support organs in the perineum. During pregnancy, along with the development of the fetus, the mother’s body systems are subject to a series of adaptive changes. The reproductive system has the most changes, especially the uterus. Its volume and weight increase about 18 and 20 times compared to before pregnancy, fixed ligaments in the uterus respectively also soft and stretched out.

After birth, the uterus begins to recover, and in about 10 days it can descend into the pelvis, but it takes 6 weeks to return to its original size. That fixed ligaments in the uterus due to excessively prolonged during pregnancy should be somewhat looser compared to before pregnancy. Organizes the vagina and perineum due to excessive stretching during childbirth and damage, causing their elasticity to decrease, unable to completely restore the original state, affected by the uterus enlarged during pregnancy, the abdominal wall after giving birth is very loose, it can be gradually recovered after 6-8 weeks.


The above situation shows that the abdominal bundle in the postpartum period is usually. Not only does not help the state of rapid recovery of the abdominal wall, on the contrary, increases pressure in the abdomen, and reduces the resistance of the ligaments. and reproductive organs, leading to the drooping uterus. The uterus tilting strongly backwards, the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina bulging …

Due to the position of the reproductive organs changes, making the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity not smooth, the resistance decreases. Easily leading to gynecological diseases such as pelvic cavity inflammation, accessory inflammation, hematoma in the pelvic cavity. … seriously affect the health of pregnant women.

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