Protect Your Baby from a Rash

Protect Your Baby from a Rash

During the hot summer, the baby’s skin often appears rashes, causing itching and discomfort for the baby. So what measures should be taken to reduce this phenomenon?

What is rubella disease?

Rubella is a common childhood disease in the summer. It usually appears in skin areas such as forehead, neck, chest, back, and sometimes the whole body. Most chrome is benign and will go away on its own when the weather is cool. However, parents should not be subjective. Because when the child scratches a lot due to the rash. It will scratch, which can lead to superinfection and other complications … Therefore, parents need to proactively prevent rash. for baby .

Symptoms when the child has a rash

  • The rash usually appears in clusters or large plaques in areas of skin that excrete a lot of sweat such as neck, chest, back, forehead …, or in large interstitial areas such as armpits, groin, severe cases can be almost body.
  • Rashes are pink-red papules with small blisters on the surface, or alternating white pustules.
  • When the rash occurs, the child’s skin becomes inflamed. So the child feels itchy, irritable, and uncomfortable. Itching makes babies not sleep well, babies are fussy. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid prickly rash for babies to sleep well.
  • When itchy due to a rash, children scratched the skin, which can easily lead to multiple bacterial infections. Staph bacteria are bacteria that often cause superinfection, folliculitis, boils.
  • When it turns cool, the rash will go down on its own and often leave thin, white flakes of skin, within a few days the skin returns to normal and leaves no scars. When it gets hot again, the rash may reappear.

Hot weather causes rash on skin areas such as forehead, neck, chest, back, and sometimes the whole body, making the baby uncomfortable. Ways to prevent rashes for children in the summer below will help your baby have healthy skin.

You can use the following methods to reduce the rash in your baby:

Choose clothes

The clothes for babies for summer days must always be designed on cotton, effectively absorb sweat, giving babies a cool feeling. Choose clothes with bright blood to absorb heat more effectively. In contrast, the outfits are designed on non-airy nylon material that will facilitate the development of chrome.

Limit sweating It is recommended to limit the process of sweating of the baby’s body. Because the more sweat the body produces, the more it makes the rash appear more, increasing the burning sensation. The body areas prone to rash are the abdomen, back, neck, armpits, and nape. Need to keep these areas airy to limit sweating.

Use a cool compress

Use cold packs or cold towels to regularly wipe your baby’s body to create a cool, comfortable feeling for your baby. A day can be done this way about 4-5 times, each time about 5 – 10 minutes.

Protect your baby in the sun

Many parents often underestimate the protection of their baby’s skin when going out in the sun.

The advice for you is to wear a baby sunscreen, plus a sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to limit the effects of UV rays. You should limit the baby going out between 10am and 5pm because that is the time when ultraviolet rays are most active.

Do not massage your baby with essential oils

Parents often use coconut oil, olive oil to massage the baby. However, on a hot summer day, these essential oils should not be used because it will make your baby feel uncomfortable, cause eczema or grow a rash.

Give your baby water regularly

Water not only helps to effectively purify the body, but also has a cooling effect on hot days. If there is a lack of water, the baby will “visit” more. In addition to filtered water, on summer days you can give your baby more juice, coconut water or sugarcane juice, which are very beneficial for the baby’s body.

Note for your baby to use air conditioning. Do not abuse the air conditioner with young children because it can cause dry nose, dry throat, pneumonia, and decreased adaptability of the baby to the outside environment. Moreover, pediatric experts advise you not to let your baby stay in the air conditioner right after bathing, which will easily cause a cold.

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