When Should You Buy a Crib

When Should You Buy Crib For Baby?

Baby care after childbirth requires a lot of care and patience. Bedding is essential in your baby’s checklist. It should be comfortable for the baby and the parent. It is important to choose the specific essentials according to the mother’s height. There are the best cribs for short moms. Taking care of a newborn baby is a challenging task for every parent. But it is going to be a wonderful experience.

How to choose the best products for your baby?

Parents often realize that babies cannot use products like us, as their bodies are still in the developing stage. Parenting tips are incomplete without rules and regulations for how to choose the right products for your baby. Every parent wants to provide the best thing in all ways.

When Should You Buy a Crib

Conditions to choose the best products for your baby

  •         Pick the products specifically made for infants. It is wise to check the age recommendation before purchasing a product.
  •         Parents should know the toxic materials present in a product. They should research their own and gain some expert knowledge about toxins.
  •         Choose a biodegradable diaper for your baby as it also has high absorption properties. It avoids crashes and keeps your baby’s skin even smoother.
  •         It is best to choose a non-toxic, harmless toy as your baby loves putting everything into their mouth.
  •         It is vital to consult your pediatrician before purchasing any health-related essentials for your baby.
  •         It is very important to read the safety measure before using a product so you will know how to handle a product.

Bedding essential

Bedding is the foremost important essential for your baby. Sleep is the most important part of everyone’s life. It is especially important for a baby’s physical, cognitive, and mental health. Sleep promotes growth in infants. So it is vital in your child’s development.

One of the important bedding essentials is the crib. Let us discuss crib bedding.

Crib bedding

Every child deserves the best things. Parents should ensure that they provide a comfortable and safe environment for sleeping. Parents should make a proper investment in the crib, as they are going to spend an enormous amount of time in cribs.

What is a crib?

A crib is a bed that is crafted for babies from newborns till they grow as toddlers. It should meet all the safety considerations given by the government. They make it up of wood and weigh around 20-30 kilograms. It should be long-lasting.

When should you buy a crib?

Pregnancy can confuse a first-time parent. You may get a lot of recommendations and advice from every source, but it all can collapse and conflict. Arrange an additional space for your little ones within your home. Purchasing a crib is not a big deal or a challenge like other people turn it into!

People used to buy cribs at different stages during their pregnancy, which makes it hard for them to know when they should buy a crib for their new baby.

When Should You Buy a Crib

When you should buy a crib?

This is a question mostly spoken or debated by parents. Some parents rush out and purchase a crib once they come to know that they are pregnant. While some of them even wait till the baby’s arrival.

The answer to this question is there is a lot of time to buy a crib for your baby. But it is good to purchase a crib during the second trimester. In these three months, you have plenty of time to purchase various essentials and set up your baby’s nursery.

Often during your third trimester, you are busy purchasing products for yourselves at maternity stores.

Why should I purchase a crib this early?

There are certain reasons that you should purchase a crib when you are pregnant. One of the major reasons is that many cribs become discontinued quickly as they either become outdated or go out of fashion or season. When you like any crib design, then don’t wait.  Grab it before your choice gets out of stock by the manufacturer.

Another reason is that crib orders take around four to six weeks to arrive at your home. The purchase of a crib early is important because many firms produce cribs in various ways, depending on their market. Manufacturers of crib often manufacture baby cribs only when parents’ orders, which means some parents are waiting for the delivery.

So it is better to purchase during the second trimester because no one enjoys waiting!

When Should You Buy a Crib

How to pick a crib for short moms?

Short moms will face certain problems when handling a crib. The crib is too high for them to reach the mattress. To place your baby in a crib, stretch, or bend over to reach the mattress. It can be dangerous for you and your baby. Certain factors help you choose the best cribs for short moms.

To solve this problem, few cribs are specifically designed for short moms. These cribs are shorter and have height adjustable mattresses.

3 factors to consider for selecting the best crib for short moms:

  • Height: This is the main reason for all your problems. Regular cribs height ranges around 37 or 38+ inches. But 36 inches cribs are especially available for short moms. Another way is to use a crib step stool or you can cut off the crib’s legs.
  • Mattress: Another important factor to look into is a crib mattress. It should properly fit in and align perfectly with the crib. Parents should look for a height-adjustable crib.
  • Core structure: The foremost thing to look out for is the material used in it. Make sure that paints are phthalate-free and non-toxic, as your child may lick or bite the rails. Avoid cribs with drop-down rails because they are extremely dangerous for your baby.

Thus you can choose the best crib for short moms by knowing briefly about the above three factors.


We hope that we have broadened your doubts and gave a better insight into choosing the best crib for short moms. Selecting cribs for petite moms can be a challenge. Hope this article makes it easy for you. People usually go for convertible cribs. But it is very important to check the height, mattress, safety, and type of crib to buy the best crib for short moms.

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